About Me

I’m one of 8 “boys” (my Mum gave up trying for a girl) and was born in Newcastle which is a large industrial city, about 2 hours drive north from Sydney.

I’ve got 6 kids…3 girls and 3 boys!

My academic qualifications are in Chemistry and later Applied Science.

I’ve been an eBay Power Seller which was the beginning of my journey into Internet marketing.

I’m a passionate blogger and love helping people to have the best life possible in every way.

Blog visitors usually can sense my passion and I get a real buzz when they tell me I’ve motivated them to make a start with a blog or website in their search for a happier and more productive lifestyle.

My main hobbies are Photography and Bushwalking. I love it when I see wildlife animals.

Australia is a very large continent with a small population of 23 million people. This means there are huge areas unpopulated and enormous forests of trees and scrub which Aussies call “bush”.

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