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“The Day I Stumbled Upon the One-Minute Cure 
for Healing Virtually All Diseases

‘m Madison Cavanaugh, and I’ve been both an aficionado and avid researcher of natural and holistic approaches to health for the last 30 years — and have also written articles about them as a contributing editor for natural health magazines and publications.  As such, I’ve witnessed an endless parade of ?natural? remedies and therapies go by — some having merit and others providing little or no health benefit at all.

In 1999, my father died of colon cancer after a long, hard battle that was exceedingly painful for him to bear (and for us, his family, to witness).  My grandmother also died of brain cancer not long before that.  We saw her writhe in agony during the last few months of her life, the doctors unable to do anything — even to ease her pain.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been saddened by the death of 2 aunts, an uncle, 3 cousins, as well as a close friend who have all died of cancer.  At least a dozen more friends and acquaintances have also been diagnosed with cancer in recent years.  But the ones that hit closest to home were 

 my sister, who was stricken with cervical cancer a few years ago — and my mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.  Both of them are presently in remission because their respective cancers were surgically removed.  But as with most cancer survivors in remission, there’s always a constant fear that cancer will return with a vengeance.

When it dawned on me that cancer had struck 3 members of my immediate family — it was a terrifying realization.

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It was then that I began to search desperately for a cancer cure amidst the overwhelming array of so-called “miracle cures” available both online and offline.  Little did I know that I was about to stumble upon something much more than I could have ever expected.

     I was reading something about oxygen therapy one day when I came across something entirely by accident — something that was positively astounding 

Since I had known about oxygen therapy for years, and had even written articles about it on a few occasions, I was tempted to ignore the information and think (arrogantly) that I knew all about it already.  I?m glad that, instead, I chose to take a closer look.

I remember when I first heard about this aspect of oxygen therapy involving a little-known oxygenating substance, I was awestruck by the compelling reports that it has cured almost every disease known to man, including “The Big 3” — AIDS, cancer and heart disease.  Here’s a partial list:  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

For more information:  http://scrnch.me/HealMostDiseases


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