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2fb  I’ve just added this page to my Food and Nutrition blog but I’m now sending a copy to my other health blogs to help you. See below!
 Firstly I want to welcome you to Kevin’s Food and Nutrition Blog. I really appreciate your interest in my content.
 True experts have concluded that what’s in your kitchen and your lifestyle hold the keys to lasting good health, longevity and freedom from serious diseases. In fact your body    can,  in many cases, heal itself without medications.
 Cancer and diabetes are examples.
So my blog is dedicated to food, cooking, nutrition, recipes, metabolism, protein, smoothies, vitamins & minerals, fat loss, diets, exercise, working out, inflammation, sexual matters, aging and other topics related to your general health and wellness.
Included are diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, aging, skin care, weight loss plus more. Remember weight loss does NOT equal fat loss!
Food is also relevant to topics like back pain, pain relief, sex, sleeping, as well as depression.
Even experts have different opinions. Take eggs, bread, coffee, bacon, meat, desserts, rice, potatoes, onions for example. Some say they’re bad for you, others disagree.
I’m a scientist with access to many qualified medical and health professionals with many years of hands-on experience. Also access to more than 200 research reports, articles and newsletters.
So what does this mean to you?
It means you need to subscribe below to my autoresponder so I can email you or people you know, with the very latest health and wellness information. Emails are much faster than posting blog articles you and visitors might not see.
This includes alternative medicine and natural health products.
In line with the CAN-Spam Act of 2003, you MUST click the link in the confirmation email (after subscribing), giving me permission to send you this information.
BONUS: I have arranged 2 amazing food reports (includes healthy, delicious desserts) for you. You will receive one after subscribing and one after confirming. You should love these!
You might also receive useful info about why any business or marketer needs an autoresponder. This relates to Internet marketing, email marketing and list building..
Kind regards,
Kevin Johnston


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