Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) Affects 300,000 Kids; Learn About Therapies and Treatments

Nearly 300000 American children are dealing with juvenile arthritis every day. This short video details the challenges two kids face as they grow up Juvenil…


  1. julia worms says:

    im 11 years old i was diagnosed with JRA last year,they first thougt i had lime disease,so at first they even gave me the wrong medicine for lime disease,then they took a punction they were shure it was lime disease but it wasnt so we went to a total other hospital and they told me i didnt have lime disease but JRA now its going better they gave me an injection but i sometimes still need to take my medicines .

  2. justinbluver4eva123 says:

    i am 14 years old and was diagnosed with JRA at two years old. some days are worse than others and some days have their struggles, but the medicine i’m on now is really good and i rarely every have really bad flare ups. its great to know i’m not alone. staying positive and saying "i can do this" really helps me get through it.

  3. emloveshorses100 says:

    I am 12 years old. I was diagnosed with JRA at 11. When I found out I stayed in solitude in my room for around a week, crying myself to sleep every night. I still struggle with pain in my knees, wrists, fingers, and ankles. I also have bone Eurovision on my left hand and have to take small doses of methotrexate (cancer medication) to eat away at the bone. I have always seen myself as an outcast, everyone thinks because I have these problems I am different and wired and emotional. It’s a horrib

  4. kitszikitten says:

    I diagnosed when i was 12. I was unable to walk without breaking into tears, but during my late teens I generally improved with fewer flare ups. Im 26 now and things are getting bad again and im in pain everyday. It can be very fustrating at times. My right elbow has never and will never completely straighten. But I try to stay positive and hope my biological drugs will work soon. Im moving forward in life and have so much to prove and will never allow myself to give up on my life and my goals.

  5. zengrenouille says:

    Lol, that teenage boy acts a lot like a little adult, super cute. My maternal grandmother was born with JRA. Kids these days are very lucky to have such easy access to meds. My grandmother had to live for weeks and months at a time in a children’s hospital in order to access proper medical care. Ballet was out of the question since she had to wear corrective shoes, and she never had full function of her fingers.

  6. nikitamaclean says:

    I have JRA too and it really is challenging, but I’ve learnt too live with it.
    Even if I have my bad days I push through 🙂

  7. mdisciple says:

    i just had to watch this because i have rheumatoid arthritis in my knees and i am only 12 years old

  8. loucohigh says:

    I really feel for these kids. I am 48 years old and I was diagnosed with RA, at the age of 45. Like them I also asked myself why me? However, looking at these kids, I can say that I had easy, having this disease at the age of 45 it’s bad, but having this debilitating disease at such young age it’s the worst of all. I hope they can find a cure for JRA much faster, because no child should have to go through this debilitating disease. CURE FOR JRA NOW!

  9. rockergal2016 says:

    I have jra

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