You Must Always Start By Getting The FREE 7-Day Back Pain Cure Book

We are NOT allowed to diagnose and treat online, your pain, condition or problem.


So STEP 1 is to obtain a FREE copy of the wonderful 7-Day Back Pain Cure book which is about 250 pages.

The clickable link to get the book is: http://scrnch.me/freebackpainbook


OR just click on one of my banners showing the yellow cover book.
OR if you don’t want to wait for the book to be mailed…click on the top right X of that window and you will be asked would you like instead, an instant digital/downloadable PDF copy!
STEP 2: You look in the book for your condition and suggested treatment. Usually there is more than 1/one treatment or a combination, which might be a stretching exercise plus natural pain relief cream.
PDF means you can read the book pages on your computer monitor.

STEP 3:  There are many excellent articles and videos available to you online at the Home Page/website which is here: http://scrnch.me/HomePage

I think the color articles suited to your condition are more useful because you can print them, they have the latest information, various treatments are suggested, and for each treatment there is a clickable link to take you to the right pages, which may even include a video anyway.

I have already given you the link for the list of articles. You can use this link: http://scrnch.me/PainArticles       OR

At the Home Page you can look up your condition and match it with treatment, plus you can click on the ARTICLES heading as well.

The Home Page does have a link for PRODUCTS so you can check these out. Or you can use this link:  http://scrnch.me/BackPainProducts

STEP 4: If you need help or you can’t see your condition at the Home Page, there is a Search Box or you can click on HELP.

STEP 5: Along the way you will be offered a choice of at least THREE FREEBIES which are all valuable.

STEP 6: This link takes you to the TOP 12 PAIN RELIEVERS:  http://scrnch.me/Top12PainRelievers